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Dr. Kenneth Vanhoey

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ETH Zürich

  • Andreea Lutac (Master 1 student in "Robotics", ETH Zürich, Spring 2017 - 12 weeks): Creating an annotated texture database for automatic texture model inferences from exemplars.
  • Dario Fuoli (Master 1 student in "Information Technology and Electrical Engineering", ETH Zürich, Fall 2016 - 7 weeks): Summarizing façade textures through texture synthesis: some deep learning tests.
  • Samuel Keusch (Master 2 student in "Computer Science and Engineering", ETH Zürich, summer 2016 - 160h): Where is this webcam located? Preliminary implementation.


  • Georgios Kopanas (Master 2 student from University of Thessaly, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, autumn 2015 - 3 months): CUDA parallelization of an algorithm for procedural texturing.

Université de Strasbourg

  • Alexandre Hurstel (2012 - 3 mois) : Réorganisation et outil de gestion de trajectoire pour CGoGN.